Specialty Services

• Cabinet Locks
• Bike Locks
• Mailbox Locks
• Storage Locks
• Safe Lockout
• Toolbox Locks
• Anything that takes a Key

Safety and Security

  • Camera Installation
  • Light Installation
  • Security Consultation
  • Security Solutions
  • Security Upgrade
  • 24/7 Emergency Services

Our specialty services consist of about ten different things. A specialty service is something that a locksmith can do that you don’t think about or happen very often.

A locksmiths job is to unlock or fix any lock that takes a key. Maybe you lost your padlock on your storage unit and you need it unlocked or drilled out.

What if you forgot your combination to your padlock? You still need access to your most prized possessions. The cabinet that you keep all your most important paperwork’s locked and you can’t find the keys. A specialty locksmith service can range from safe lockout, bike locks mailbox services and many more.

If you are in need to get your hundred year old chest unlocked or maybe a security system upgraded than Half Price Unlocks or Half Price Locksmith is the company to take care of your lock issue.

Our team of locksmith experts understand every individual locksmith situation is unique in its own fashion. We can unlock anything that takes a key. We can fix any lock on any object and sometimes there are locks in the most unusual places. A lock keeps people out of so many different things.

While we continue to grow and learn new techniques on new locks that are hitting the market each day. Rest assured that if your calling than we will fix whatever lock issue you have. If your moving from a different state and arrive here in the local area and realize you left your only key to your storage unit where you just left.

Call us and we will get you back into whatever padlock is blocking you. Maybe you just purchased a new truck but you don’t have the ability to lock your truck box then get us out and we will have a new truck lock on in no time. Whatever you find or need that takes a key and you need that lock fixed or unlocked give a local locksmith company a call and you will not be disappointed.

Call Half Price Unlocks for any Specialty Locksmith needs!

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