6 Ways To Keep Your Vehicle Secure While Shopping

6 Deterrents to keep your Vehicle Safe:

Certain times of year vehicles become more susceptible to break ins and criminals looking to steal your vehicle or take your possessions out of your vehicle. Here are 6 clues to keeping this at a small chance of this being your vehicle that they are attempting to break into or steal.

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1. Locking all of your doors: When you exit out of your vehicle make sure all your doors are locked and engaged. This seems like a very simple task and it is but one door ajar or the lock not working remotely could become a much bigger issue than you expected.

2. No hide a Key: Back in the 70s is when hide a keys were invented so now fast forward fifty years more and more people know this and if they are attempting to steal or break into your vehicle this would be the easiest way. Especially because most people commonly put them in the same spots.

3. Parking under a lighted area: More than cameras sensor lights and lit areas deter criminals more than anything else. Think about it if you wanted to break into something would you want it to be dark or bright. Even at your house sensor lights will keep the criminals away.

4. Setting your alarm: This seems like a simple one but if you don’t double click your remote and you only click it once you are just locking the doors. Double click your remote sets your actual alarm and with the light blinking inside the vehicle it is a additional deterrent for criminals.

5. Parking close to the front of the store and not on the sides of the store: Criminals look for vehicles to break into as far away from the majority of populated areas as possible. The further away from the busy areas the easier for criminals to not be noticed. The sides of a big business are usually the worst.

6. Leaving a spare key in the glove box: If a criminal breaks into your vehicle usually the first place that person will look through whether they are stealing the vehicle or just looking for items will be the glove box. If they come across a spare key your vehicle may never be seen again. Leave your spare at home and if for some reason you need it you can always Uber home.

Everyday thousands of vehicles are stolen and thousands of vehicles are broken into. When this happens it can feel very personal almost as if someone has come into your house and there is nothing you can do about it. If you use these 6 tips you might find yourself never having to deal with a negative situation like this in your life.

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