The Top 5 Home Locks For 2021

Schlage Deadbolt: We recommend Schlage locks because these are known to be the best locks as far as pick resistance and durability. These keep your houses the most intact, deadbolts keep people from coming into your house, kicking your doors down and keeping you safe.

•Kwickset: These Kwickset locks are the second best known locks in our opinion. These are right up there with the Schlage locks but are still known to be one of the best locks, keeping you safe and your house safe from intruders that you do not want inside. Kwikset rekey locks are impickable and easy to change and rekey also.

•Addalock: Addalocks are cheaper then Kwickset and Schlage but still are reliable locks and if your trying not to spend a lot of money on locks these are known to be good for safety and not to expensive.

•Kwickset Keyless Entree: The keyless entrees will be the most reliable lock for safety with no key and no key hole they are pick resistant. No keys just a code and deadbolt to keep everybody out except who you want.

•Schage Z-Wave: This lock is a touch keypad, but also has key options if you want. This has built in security with a built in alarm and has three alert settings and you can have up to thirty codes so if anyone ever breaks into it the system would tell you from your phone.

For the top 5 locks for your houses these are the following we chose.