Parkland Local Locksmith

A Parkland local locksmith is whatever locksmith service you our requesting, Half Price Unlocks can
handle the job.

From normal house lockouts to the most difficult fleet
truck lockout there is. We have done it all.

Being in business since 2006, we our used to having the pressure put
on our shoulders.

We have unlocked almost every size safe there is.
One of our technician had to unlock a airplane one time. Another one had to unlock a cop car.

We set up Parkland security systems or
security lighting. Parkland is a much bigger area then people imagine.

It goes from the outskirts of Graham and spanaway to touch the side of
JBLM and then back over to Tacoma and Puyallup.

Parkland Auto Locksmith

When it comes to being a Parkland auto locksmith services business.
Sometimes it can be hard, just like any other Parkland Auto locksmith.

Whatever Parkland auto locksmith need we have you covered. Our
locksmith technitians have unlocked thousands of vehicles since 2006.

Everything from basic Chevy Tahoes to the highest grade BMW you can
own. As more and more car companies continue to make there lockout
systems more and more difficult, Half Price Unlocks will continue to
stay ahead of the curve.

you might think it is easy to unlock your
vehicle so you run up to the nearest parts store where they sell you
what we call a slim jim.

Everyone has heard of a slim jim from there
dads from when they were kids. When this business was established in
2006 we still used slim jims a little.

As technology has continued
since then a slim jim has almost become obsolete. A slim jim should
only be used on a couple vehicles and those vehicles are pretty much
before the year two thousand.

The slim jim that a Parkland parts store
will sell you can only open about fifteen total cars ever produced. So
spending the fifteen dollars on one seems like it might be worth it
but realistically it is not.

Parkland Mobile Locksmith

Parkland is a spread out community that during rush hour can be a pain
in the butt to deal with the traffic that has become normal in this

Half Price Unlocks has been serving this area since 2006 as a
Parkland mobile locksmith company. Whether you locked your keys in the
trunk or your dog hit the power locks while the vehicle was running,
Half Price Unlocks can be there in about fifteen minutes to retrieve
those keys from your Parkland vehicle lockout with our Parkland mobile
locksmith guys.

Maybe its four in the morning and you just got off of
a ten hour shift and got to your vehicle and realized you left your
keys in your Parkland car. Call us twenty four hours a day and we will
have those keys back in your hands in no time.

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Call Half Price Unlocks for A  Car Lockout near Parkland!

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