Top-20: Reasons to Hire a Locksmith

  1. Locked out
  2. Moving into new Home
  3. Reliable
  4. Lost or Stolen Keys
  5. Damaged Locks
  6. Changing Locks
  7. Moving into a Apartment
  8. Locks Worn out
  9. Forgotten Combinations
  10. Extended Vacation
  11. Broken Key
  12. All Locks keyed the same
  13. Upgrading Home Security
  14. Key fails to work
  15. 24 Hour Availability
  16. Moving into a new Business
  17. Emergency Lockout Service
  18. Trained Professionals
  19. Discreet
  20. Reliable

If you find yourself needing one of these services here are the top five things you should look for:

Top-5: Qualities to Look For in a Locksmith

  • Hire Local
  • Certified Locksmith
  • Liability and Insurance
  • Reviews
  • Make sure you TRUST THEM or do not PROCEED!

By Half Price Unlocks your trusted Tacoma Locksmith

If you do find yourself needing a locksmith for any reason call Half Price Unlocks! (253) 732-7147

Top 10 Criminal Deterrent Tips For Your Residence And Business

Protection of your family and property

Protection of your family and property in today’s world is the number one concern for any parent or loved one. With the way everything is going in the world, you want to know that your kids, wife or loved ones are safe at home. Half Price Unlocks now make that happen with a simple phone call. When thinking about security, here are a few services we recommend every consumer and business person consider:

  1. Security Consultation
  2. Camera Installation
  3. Sensor Light Installation
  4. Security Solutions
  5. Security Upgrade
  6. Business Security Solutions
  7. Surveillance Camera Installation
  8. Home Security Consultation
  9. Home Security Upgrade
  10. Deadbolt Installations

Our licensed and bonded locksmiths will make you feel safer than ever. We are installing more movement sensor lights and cameras than ever before. Because of the security needs of our customers, we take consistent steps to secure all access points on both residential and commercial properties. We do this with motion sensing cameras, lights and security locks. It’s important to take a few extra precautions and let our team of experts save you the headache of missing a step and not having peace of mind.

Security Solutions for your peace of mind

In the world today, there are more break-ins than ever before. Because of this, consumers in Tacoma and surrounding areas, if you are anywhere in Pierce County area, give us a call and we will get you safe and secure. We don’t want your house to be another statistic. Don’t wait until something bad happens at your home. Leave the security and detection measurees up to the professionals. We’ve been providing Security Solutions since 2001.

For Safety and Security Services Call 253-732-7147 for immediate service now!